Seriously, I did mean to share this cupcake with you...

Seriously, I did mean to share this cupcake with you…

Hello and welcome to “Homemade for Friends!”

Are you someone who loves to do nice things for others? If so, then one of the sweetest things you can do is make them something!

As a professionally trained chef in New York City, I find the best thing about cooking is that it gives you the ability to create a moment of happiness for someone else. And in my constant quest to come up with new and delicious dishes, my favorite part is developing unique items that are completely giftable and easy for anyone to make at home. Because of this, I built “HomemadeForFriends.com” to share these recipes and ideas for food gifts, so that you too can join in on the fun.

Unless otherwise noted, I’ve created, photographed and tested every recipe several times on multiple guinea pigs (aka friends and family who have been selected for their pickiness gene) to ensure that every goodie maintains a high standard of:
– deliciousness
– attractiveness
– fail-proof instructions
– inspiration on how to turn the item into a fantastic gift

Whether you are looking to find a great gift for a hostess, create a party favor,Β send a care package, or just to tell someone that you’re thinking about them, it is my hope that this website will inspire you to make something special for others.Β I’ll be posting many new recipes each week that are in-line with the seasons and holidays, so be sure to stop by often (or subscribe to it so that you never miss a new post!).

In the meantime, enjoy the site, and most importantly the best part of its goal: to make someone’s day.

Happy gifting!
Melissa πŸ™‚

PS: If you have any thoughts or ideas, please drop me a line in the comments section or by email at homemadeforfriends(at)gmail(dot com). I would love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. These are such great ideas! I’m saving them up to try when I get some time. But they may just be too yummy to give away. . .

    • Thanks again Shanna! You’re too kind. One of these days we will have to team up on some ideas together. You’ve got some really fantastic recipes and stories on your award-winning blog too πŸ™‚

      • Hi, Melissa. I would feel so honored to join forces with you on any recipe or idea. You are knowledgeable and skilled in so many areas – and your blog is approachable and beautiful. Just sharing the “love” with a very worthy blogger: you. Have a great night! Le’chayim!

    • Thank you so much Shanna! That is incredibly kind of you and it really means a lot… it’s the readers like you who keep me motivated to write this blog. Thanks again πŸ™‚

      • Melissa,
        You have just started blogging and are already amazing! Also, you have a clear vision and unique concept – plus you are a talented chef. Please keep it up! I adore your blog.
        Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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